Finding Your Motivation


Finding Your Motivation

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Currently, I’m in a situation where I receive a lot of rejection. I expected the first few rejections. I knew that not everything was going to land me a win. However, after a certain number of rejections, it can take a toll mentally.

No matter how much time and effort you put into something – or change things up because the previous iterations weren’t working – you still get rejected.

You begin to feel as if you’re less than. Less than your peers in a similar career path. Less than what your loved ones wanted for you. Less than what you expected of yourself.

At times, it can be extremely difficult to pick up that pen or open that laptop to try one more time. Finding the motivation to continue the hustle can oftentimes be difficult.    

This got me thinking about the most powerful forms of motivation; the one thing that can keep you pushing through despite the pain. Unsurprisingly, one of the biggest things that can motivate you is people.

I’m reminded of the classic episode of The Simpsons when Bart and Lisa discover there aren’t any photos of Maggie in the family photo albums. It’s later discovered that Homer keeps all of them at work. He uses them to intricately cover a plaque so that it reads “Do It For Her.” Homer sacrificed his dream job in order to allow another dream to grow – his new baby, Maggie.

Obviously, this motivator doesn’t have to be a child. Especially as young millennials, very few of us have children. This motivator could be a partner who helps make you better every day, a family member who has always supported your dream, a friend who’s always there by your side, or even a community who you want to make better with your work.

When it’s not just about you, and it’s about all the stakeholders in your success, you’ll quickly remember why you’re willing to fight through the pain.

I like to put pictures of my motivator (as well as my goals) in a vision board-type collage that I’ve printed out and plastered everywhere around my house. I’ve also made this person my desktop screensaver. I’m never too far away from my motivation. After some frustrating moments, I can simply look up at a wall where I’ve taped my collage and remember why I’m doing what I’m doing.

Staying motivated is hard. You’re going to have your bad days. You’re also going to have your worse days. In the end, just remember that you’re not alone. Your motivator is there (whether they physically are or are not) to mentally give you the strength to keep going.

A quick note: For some, this can really light a fire under you. Seeing your motivator can give you the extra push to keep hustling. For others, this can put an immense amount of pressure on you. Again, not everything works for everyone. It’s all a matter of finding what works for you.

Photo by Sarah Purto on Unsplash

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