More than Just a Connection: Making an Impact

More than Just a Connection: Making an Impact

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It has been a quite a while since I updated this website. I deeply apologize. I know the costs of not consistently updating a page; online content gets stale so easily.

The reason why I have been away for so long is because I spent the past few months enjoying my time abroad here in Paris, France. Through a combination of trying to soak up as much culture as possible; balancing work, school and daily errands; as well as dealing with poor wifi connection (or should I say, non-existent wifi connection), this website has received nothing but neglect from me. As my time here in Paris is nearing its end, and although I am busier than ever right now with work and travels, I find time on a two-hour flight to Lisbon to write something (I can’t believe that I can casually just say that).

I’ve learned so many things in my time abroad, and I couldn’t help but impart my knowledge to my friends who have all grown tired of hearing my “words of wisdom.” Well, luckily for you, now is the time for you to learn one of these lessons and learn how to relate it to the professional world – connections aren’t real unless you make them real. In this generation of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, it becomes easier and easier to “connect” with others. These online connections give us a false sense of security that we will see these people again in our lives, whether or not we actually do or do not. However, here in Paris, a friend of mine said something that really stuck with me, “relationships here have a shelf life.” She was, at that time, talking about her Parisian boyfriend, but it made me think about all the relationships I’ve made here in Paris. Although I am “friends” with most of these people on Facebook, what is the likelihood that I will actually see them ever again? Even worse, what do you do with the friends that aren’t on social media?

This leads me to my point – if you want a real connection, make a real impact. Be someone who leaves an impression on those who you want to remember you. As sad as it may seem to simply live on as a memory, it is better than living on as just a “friend” or “follower” or “connection.” When leaving an interview, interacting with co-workers and your boss or networking; be someone and not just another +1.

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Photo by Alexandre Chambon on Unsplash

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